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September 13, 2010
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September 23, 2010

Motivation without Direction

Motivation is a powerful force. It can fuel your drive to accomplish great things, it can ignite the passion to learn new skills, and it can accelerate your ability to get things done.  Of course, that is assuming that you have something to get done.

Motivation is only as powerful as the goal that you’re driving toward. An individual who maintains the highest possible level of motivation toward beating a high score on a video game will never accomplish as much as the one who who only gives 75% of themselves over toward being a positive influence on their community. Even though the motivated person might achieve their goals more thoroughly, he’s not really accomplishing anything worthwhile. And although our half-hearted friend might not achieve his full potential, at least he’s going after something worthy of his time.

At this point, it probably sounds like I’m advocating that you develop excellent goals and that you pursue them with only a marginal level of motivation. After all, that is better than getting highly motivated about wasting time, right?

Right. It is better than wasting time.

Wrong. That’s still not what I’m advocating.

I’m challenging you to go big or go home. Grab on to a focus that’s worth spending your time on and then go after it with every last ounce of your being.

Care to join me for that journey?

Nicholas Cardot
Nicholas Cardot
I’m Nicholas Z. Cardot. I firmly believe that every person contains within themselves the potential to become great leaders and it has become my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential.


  1. Katey says:

    By George … we are definitely on the same path!

    I was just working with my master mind team exactly on this. As well as a new client that I gained yesterday when working in my favorite cafe!

    I am of the belief that you only have one life – why spend it on something you are not enjoying, but know you will complete. Where is the challenge or excitement in that?

  2. Nasrul Hanis says:

    Yeah, motivation without going forward is like filling the fuel but not starting the engine!

    I believe most of us got motivation. But the matter is – we don’t take any action for it.

  3. Thank you for the post on Motivation and being 100% involved. While we were in Sri Lanka this summer, I made plans for what I would when we returned and now I want to stay MOTIVATED!
    One of my goals is to share our unique career break travels so please have a look at our photos at


  4. Casey says:

    I definitely agree. The combination of high motivation and excellent goals is what creates passion in life. Those truly passionate people in life are those who have found a strong motivation to do something they value highly.

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